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Place and dates of the Forum:

MOSCOW, 26-28 September 2013

"Sokolniki-Expo" ( )

Moscow International Framing Forum (The "MIFF II") – is the Event No.1 on the Russian Framing market, the place of the annual meetings of all its participants: manufacturers of materials and equipment, framing wholesalers and framers. The purposes of these meetings are multiple: the presentations of new products and equipment, the exchange of experience, the discussions of pressing issues of the picture frame business, the standardization of the products and services of the Russian Framing market.

The first MIFF in September 2012 was the great success: it was visited by more than 800 framers from all over Russia, as well as by numerous foreign guests. In order to develop last year's success, as well as to transform the MIFF into the regular all-market event, the Moscow distributors - initiators and organizers of last year's Forum - decided to pass on the organization of the MIFF in 2013 to the company, professionally and successfully engaged in the organization of exhibitions and events. So, the co-organizer of the MIFF II is the company "CraftFormula Ltd.", the main project of which – the fair of homonymous name - is the most ambitious and bright event in the segment of handicraft and hobby goods in Russia (Moscow, Samara, Yekaterinburg) and CIS (Kiev). Official site:

In September of this year MMBF II will be held simultaneously with the X Moscow International Craft & Hobby Formula Show (attendance of more than 30,000 people).

The joint conducting of the "MIFF II" and "Craft & Hobby Formula Show" contains, in our view, the great potential for the sales growth on the Russian Framing Market. After all, today, by the most conservative estimates, the share of embroidery framing in total number of images framed by framing workshops in Russia is more than 50%, and in many regional workshops such share reaches 90%!

  • Firstly, it is no exaggeration to say that the Russian Framing market is developing today mainly due to the growth of the "neighbor" market of the embroidery products, so, many of the professional participants of this market - shops and wholesale companies, selling the embroidery kits – are the potential customers for the framing market, because to start framing is the most natural way to develop their businesses.
  • Secondly, the market for handicraft products is still far fromcomplete understanding of how the embroidery should be framed and what materials can be used to frame it. To extend this understanding andto develop the embroidery market's demand andtaste for the framing materials and services – is the job to be done by MIFF. This is another component of the growth potential forframing market concluded in the joint conducting of the "MIFF II" and "Craft & Hobby Formula Show" events.

We are already working hard on the promotion of the MIFF II and will do even bigger promotional efforts in the next four months, using the MIFF'scustomer base, exceeding 6000 contacts and the same time the data base of «Craft Formula Ltd. – 25000 e-mail contacts. We are not relying completely on the "via e-mail" communication, so our "on the phone" team will work 10 hours a day. As a result we are looking forward to have the MIFF II visited by not less than 1500 guests-framers from all regions of Russia, as well as a lot of interior designers, decorators and professionals of the handicraft industry.

The program of the Second Moscow International Framing Forum:

1. Framing Exhibition.
"Sokolniki-Expo" can accommodate a lot of exhibitors, allowing us to make the MIFF II a truly All-Russian Forum, still widely presenting the foreign exhibitors. For participation in the exhibition we are inviting the manufacturers and distributors of mouldings and other framing materials, art prints and picture hanging systems, as well as other wholesale companies selling their products and services on theRussian Framing market.
A special sector of the exhibition space will be devoted for the presentation of the collections of European moulding manufacturers.Many European companies have already confirmed their interest in participating in MIFFII. Representatives of these companies will personally present new collections directly to the attendees. Some of the leading Italian and Spanish companies in the field will conduct the demonstrations of moulding hand-finishing techniques for the attendees.

2. Zone "Technopark".
As well as at the last year’s Forum, the special space of the MIFF II will be dedicated for the machinery for framing workshops, includingnonstop demonstration ofmost advanced machines.
Representatives of the world's best framing machinery manufacturers and distributors of framing equipment will answer questions of the Forum's guests.

3. Training program.
Last year's Forumstrongly confirmed that the dynamic and growing Russian market shows thirst for knowledge and requires access to professional information and training. In response to this demand, the "MIFF II" will provide a program of speeches and seminars for industry members on all aspects of the moulding business, including technology, framing design, products, marketing and sales, conducted by last year's best instructors, as well as by new Russian and foreign "stars".
The speakers at the Conference, to date confirmed: Brian Wolf (USA), Jim Miller, Lyn Hall, Mal Reynolds (both - UK), Adrian van Genechten (Holland), Henryk Egetemaier (Germany). We are in the process of negotiating the participation with some more foreign and, of course, Russian instructors.

3.1. The Framing Conference.
The conference's name this year will be "The real efficiency of framing retail - what is it?".
The conference program will consist of the speeches of authoritative experts in the field of framing retail from Russia, Western Europe and the United States. The conference program will be mainly devoted to the two most important components of the framing workshop's success: the sales techniques and the framing designskills, will be not forgotten also the production technologies, management and economics of retail picture framing business.Conference guests will be able also to take part in the round table discussion under the name "The framing design as the essential part in the interior design," which will be held by well known Russian interior decorators and designers, as well as by the framing experts.

3.2. The Master classes.
The number of master classes dedicated for the technology of embroidery framing, for mat cutting and mat decoration,for framing of 3D objects and other framing techniques, is to be increased this year. These classes will be given by leading European and Russian framing specialists. Some of the classes will be also dedicated to the use of different new and traditional framing materials in the picture framing workshop.

4. Special Projects.
As part of MIFF II and the "Craft & Hobby Formula Show" the several thematic expositions of the framed artwork and embroidery work will be presented to the guests of the Forum.

5.The Framing Competition.
There will be the Second All-Russian Framing Design Competition held within the MIFF II. The members of the jury will be the foreign Guests-speekers of the Forum and the Russian framing experts, as well as the famous Russian interior designers.The Prize Winners will be awarded by the valuable prizes. The open discussion of the competing framing concepts and Awarding Ceremony of the Framing Competition will make the best possible conclusion of the "MIFF II".

You are welcome to participate in "MIFF II" - the Framing Show № 1 in Russia!